Sculpture Statement

Our everyday living space and routines in life are constant sources of inspiration. In my work, the tenuous line between comfort and confinement in the home is a focal point.

Many of my sculptures mimic everyday objects. They are constructed, cast, reformed, or manipulated markers with recognizable characteristics. By observing the well-known attributes of the domestic objects and prolonged use, we presume to understand what the object is and how it should perform. Further investigation of the form then leads us to recognize the changes that drive the object away from their identified functions. Our immediate associations are challenged by introducing alterations and manipulating the once commonplace.

We have defined these objects in our minds through continued use and have grown complacent towards their existence. The manipulation to their forms then separates us from the natural interaction we have become accustomed too and enables us to recognize the confining structure inherent in the domestic space. The oddities of the changes draw out peculiar shifts and empower us to see the objects anew.

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