During the Quarantine

93 glass containers, 4 cardboard cylinders, 34 plastic containers, 56 tin cans, and 283 aluminum cans all hand painted white

These recyclable materials were consumed and collected during the state of emergency for COVID-19 from March until June 2020 by the artist and her husband while they were sheltering in place. The accumulation of used containers marks a passing of time during the months of the lock down. Painting the recyclable materials gave her something to focus on and alleviated some of the fear and uselessness experienced during the quarantine.

This installation is currently on display at the Frederick Arts Council Gallery located at 11 West Patrick Street in Frederick, MD. The exhibition is on view from Aug 29th, 2020 through January 2nd, 2021. Every First Saturday the gallery is open for visitors to walk through from 11am - 3pm. The artist reconfigures the installation monthly. Please practice social distancing, wear a mask, and come out to support the arts!

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